In my trainings the participants, young and old, are encouraged & guided to explore the ‘storyteller’ within, to blossom without fear, to follow the heart. They discover possibilities for delight & poise, ways to express and imagine, ways to engage with art and literature. Here, a cooperative learning space is the basis which encourages the participant to safely share, reflect and explore. Thus they strengthen their skills of performance, communication, learning and teaching.

Children & Young Adults

Minmini Bhasha - Storytelling & Communication skills
Minmini Shishu – Yoga, stories, songs, chants & creative journaling for self-development ( Age 9 years to 14 years)
Minmini Yuva – Developing appreciation of literature and creative exploration, through oral storytelling and literary works. ( Age 13 to 18 years)


*Programs are customized for educators of different levels starting from kindergarten to under-graduate lecturers.

Minmini Shishak - Storytelling & Education – For all educators to learn pedagogical possibilities of storytelling in teaching
Minmini Shikshak (English) - Storytelling & English Language Teaching – For educators teaching English especially in multi-lingual and multi-cultural classrooms
Minmini Shishak - Vigyan : Storytelling & Concepts – In teaching of subjects and concepts ( science/socials/ mathematics/law etc.)


Minmini Jivan : Storytelling & Parenting - Parents harvesting in strengthen bond with their child

Minmini Soch : Storytelling for Life-skills development – For educators/parents engaged with children and young adults